Professor Kai Riemer

Professor Kai Riemer

PD Dr. rer. pol., Dipl.-Wirt. Inform.
Professor of Information Technology and Organisation
Director, Sydney Executive Plus
+61 2 9036 9053
+61 2 9351 7294
Professor Kai Riemer

Kai is Professor of Information Technology and Organisation and Director, Sydney Executive Plus. He joined the University of Sydney in August 2009 from Münster University in Germany, where he held a position as Assistant Professor. He received his Diploma in Information Systems (Dipl. Wirt-Inform.) and his Ph.D. in Management from Münster University, Germany, where he also finished his Postdoctoral thesis (Habilitation).

Kai's expertise spans the fields of artificial intelligence, phenomena of disruption, collaborative systems, the future of work, emerging technologies, and the philosophy of technology.He has extensive experience with industry-funded research and projects funded by the Australian Research Council.

Kai’s research follows practice theoretical and non-orthodox approaches and appears in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Journal of the AIS, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Information Technology, or Information Systems Journal. Kai is a board member of the Journal of Information Technology and the Business and Information Systems Engineering journal.

Kai consults for executives and corporate boards and is frequently requested to comment, speak and consult on issues around (Generative) Artificial Intelligence, Digital Disruption, The Future or Business, and Social Media.

Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI

Disruption and emerging technologies

Philosophy of Technology

Social Media

  • SMBA6008 Managing in a Digital World
  • CEMS6016 Reimagining Futures
  • BUSS7908 Research Readings Seminar
  • FMBA5011 Leading in a Digital World
  • INFS1020 Digital Work Environments
  • INFS6032 Agile Project Management
  • MMGT6015 Digital Transformation
  • SMBA6109 Managing with Technology
Project titleResearch student
Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Human ExperienceBey SHEYKH ALIVAND
Caring with Algorithms: How Top-Managers Reconstruct Homecare Entangled with Algorithmic ManagementRick SULLIVAN
Organizational AIs for human-AI collaborative intelligenceBelinda WANG


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Selected Grants


  • Evidence-based Management for Enterprise Social Platform Success, Riemer K, Johnston R, Gal U, Beeston, S, Australian Research Council (ARC)/Linkage Projects (LP)


  • Towards Engineering Behavioural Research Design Systems, Gable G, Riemer K, Bandara W, Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP)

In the media


DAZE Melbourne 2015: Kai Riemer

14:09 Watch on YouTube

In this talk Kai contrasts the dominant tool view of technology, which sees technology as a solution for a problem, that has a distinct purpose and serves a need.

12:27 mins Watch on YouTube

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